Wednesday, December 29

read between the lines maybe. or know debord better.

So you think I was quick to jump the gun and mistakenly believe I have claimed that there is no coverage of the tsunami. What I was indeed getting at was more about the way which disasters, and other events, are mediated to us. And that we have become so trained by the images and representaions that our media brings us to the extent that we cannot react properly to an event without them.

Even I am guilty of it, because it wasn't until this morning that the full impact of the whole disaster really hit me when I was reading the Globe and Mail and the images and stories were running full force. There was no glut of news on the tsunami before, but there was a lack of buzz; a dismissal of sorts about the significance of it all.

If there was video footage of the actual tsunami (as it happened) I really feel the whole event would have made a bigger impact on the world.