Wednesday, December 15

This weekend my sister came up to visit; she's in first-year at another university and we hadn't seen each other since Thanksgiving so we decided an impromptu visit was in order.

Lauren is much cooler than all the other kids at her school. I get a lot of my inspiration from her, mainly because she has the way of knowing exactly what the new hottest/hippest/prettiest things are before anyone else does. (to do: find Lauren a new fake ID before Xmas)

Now that she's all "university", we're finally on the same level. I think. It is still weird for me to realize that her and her friend's lifestyles are very simmilar to my own. The kiddies that always seemed so much younger than me have become the typical student, complete with all that party-sex-drugs fare. This is somehow delightfully fabulous and eerie at the same time.

So on Friday Lauren and I were going to go to the Vice Records Tour concert with Death From Above- the show that everyone else has been blogging about, telling how fab it was. But then the going-out never happened, which we both totes regret. The lazy sisters we are, we had gotten really stoned and ate lots of food and then remembered we were suppose to be going out when it was too late. Boo.

But the rest was good. There was a lot of shopping done over the weekend. Lauren took note of my squalid financial conditions and she bought me many things. We almost got the best tinsel tree, but spent the money on ice cream instead. And we avoided studying for exams at all times. A rather hedonistic, much-needed weekend indeed.

And when we both move home in a few days (only two more exams to go!) the lazy-fabulous fun can continue.