Tuesday, January 18


I have cabin fever.

There has been too much inside-ness happening in my life recently, and the weather is not so appealing to the cause of being outside. (yes, the glorious spring-like day was a huge tease, it's back to being blizzards and negative fifteen. ew)

But I blame this cabin fever on the weekend. You see, there was not enough of the going-out-debauchery for me because I was slaving away at LinensNThings, working my last shifts at the job.

I didn't want to, but had to quit the LnT. The store was out in one of those dreadful Wal-Mart complexes, where cattle compete for grazing space with parking lots. Still, as much as I would love to claim I quit a job because of Wal-Mart, it was actually because there was no public transit and I had to pay for a taxi everytime I worked.

So, many mornings I would call in sick, because I had spent cab money at the bar the night before and the thought of being hungover and out of $10 just to work all day for $7.50/hr never made sense.

Now I am no longer a 400-thread-count-sheet aficionado; an expert on all things twin-full-queen-king, but rather just unemployed. I feel like my extensive knowledge of duvet quality and egyptian cotton is going to waste. Despite all the negative bits, I really did like working there.

At least I can try and remedy my cabin fever with the new $130 king pillow and 360-thread-count pillow case I purchased during one of my last shifts. Now before you remind me that I am income-less and shouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on a pillow, my employee discount was very good as were clearance sales: I got the whole set for $35. Sleep tight indeed!