Sunday, January 30

ever just want to know...why??

My sister just alerted me to the fact that there is a Snoop Dogg remix of The Door's Riders on the Storm. "It was alright when I was drunk and high," she said. I put up my protective-of-all-things-Doors guard and then managed to download the song.

It sounds like awful.

First of all, it's the premise of the remix that irks me so much. The idea that now, forever remembered in the minds of drunk people at bars, is Snoop Dogg is asking "Jim to kick some" because it's a trip that they are singing together. And the "lizard king is bumping in the back." Oh excuse me while I go vomit for a little bit...

Then once you ignore the clever disrespectful lyrics, you begin to hear that the song itself is just musically bad. For anyone who ever watched Clone High and saw the episode where Ghandi was a rapper: this song has about the same level of quality. But see, Snoop Dogg is a real rapper. Money went into this production- the remix was made for a video game.

What baffles me the most is that The Doors let this happen. As far as I knew, it was a big deal for The Doors to license their music to others. Like back in the summer, when Peace Frog was used in an episode of Entourage, there was a press release about how The Doors had thought it fit in really well with the show and such.

So I would really like to know who okayed this remix project? And why did they allow it to happen, because I think Jim is for serious rolling around in his Paresian grave...