Tuesday, January 25

Friday night in Toronto.

I am out for drinks with friends, but it is mostly people I met that night- friends of friends of friends. And the topics move from the usual where do you work, where did/do you go to school-ish to what music we all like when suddenly there is some reason for me to blurt out that I do not believe in relationships or dating.

And everyone at the table (keep in mind, I was out with all guys except for my one girlfriend) raise their glasses and CHEERS! Cheers! to the girl who thinks relationships are bad, and doesn't want to date anyone.

"It's so refreshing to hear a girl say that!" they nod in agreement. And so we discuss the merits of not dating and how relationships are pointless and such. "Well what do you do for sex?" they ask, "are you joining a convent?" And I again raise my glass, laugh in that outlandish Paige sort of way and say that I am good at finding ways around it.

Of course, here my problem with the whole situation arises. Because one of the guys and I have been flirting all night. He works in radio, I used to intern in radio, so we have many things to talk about. Radio Boy becomes more and more flirty as the night and beer-drinking progress, he tells me "You are one of the coolest girls I have met!"

But he can't ask me out.
Or ask for my number.
Because if he does, he will have to go against his opinions from earlier, when he agreed with me that dating was stupid. (Not to mention that he is from Toronto and I usually live in London, and I declaired long-distance relationships to be the most offensive)

And so Radio Boy and I had to leave it at that. Which is a shame, because he was fun to talk to. And hey, I have only put a ban on dating, not meaningful, interesting conversations.