Sunday, January 23

i <3 birds.

The Treehouse + The Cave is one of my most favourite blogs because Andy posts the most delightful, creative things. Including many pictures and discussions of birds, and if you know me you know that I love birds. But anyways, last week Andy posted about these brilliant lights, one of which is a pink pigeon and it reminded me of my dearly departed white dove Tuleh.

We inherited Tuleh from a Latvian magician a few years ago. He pretty much took over the house- he could fly where ever he wanted and would coo coo in the mornings to wake us up. Tuluh would also sit on the lamp above the table, begging for a bite or just curiously watching us eat.

Then my sister and dad convinced us he wanted to go outside. He flew around the backyard for a day and then came back to his cage. But the next day he just flew off, was spotted in the neighbourhood a few times, and then he dissapeared. "Doves are not homing pigeons!" the man at the humane society told us. I am still bitter about it all.