Thursday, January 6

i am my own commodity

After being told many times I should be mass-reproduced, I am proud to announce that I now am available to be purchased. And you can put me all over yourself if you want.

Because, during a shopping trip today I discovered Bluenotes has decided to name one of their jean styles PAIGE. Without consulting me, the Paige of all Paiges. And I have not even been named for a pretty style. Sure, I do get to be labeled as slim fit, very low rise, tight hip & thigh, narrow leg- but the jeans just look tapered, cheap, and not cool.

So I did what any victim of identity theft would do: I stole the tag off a pair in the store and continued shopping in the rest of the mall.

Unfortunatly my frustration didn't end there. Because I was then reminded just how much I loathe shopping in malls. And how much I need downtown Toronto.

Malls are simply way too predictable for my tastes: The stores are all the same, the clothing looks the same and everything is just blah. Shopping should be exciting and like a scavenger hunt. It should be almost a race to find unique and perfect things to buy.

When I travel, buying clothing is one of my favourite things to do. There's this thrill that comes from knowing what I have won't be worn by everyone else when I go back home. But seeing as no one is willing to fly me anywhere I am developing an obsession with shopping online.

I just bought some fucking awesome TTC pins to remind me of Toronto. And today I came across Preshrunk, a tee-shirt design blog which is sure to keep me satisfied for a while. But not until I get this shirt, will I feel complete. Ha. (but seriously...)