Friday, January 21

I missed the first train back to Toronto this afternoon when the taxi company decided to not send a cab to my house in time. After calling three times to double check my taxi-status I cancelled the taxi and swore at the dispatcher.

Three hours later...
Right before I left to catch the train I smoked a joint with my roommates. The train station was full of people, and I was very buzzed and slightly stoner-paranoid but somehow managed to get the third-last ticket and a seat next to a woman who kept reading over my shoulder as I wrote on my laptop.

People kept saying it was so busy because it was a long weekend, but I'm really stumped as to what holiday this weekend is... does anyone know? I"m only in the city for some parties and to go shopping. But if there is a holiday I want to know!

And, in usual form for when I am at my parents' house in Toronto, I give you my top reasons to be home right now:

- my brand new iPod was waiting for me on my bed! His name is Ichabod Pod. I think I am in love.

- there is digital cable here, which meant I could watch time-shifted The OC at 11, and free porn after midnight.

- my mom cleaned mine and my sister's rooms, definitely touched all things related to weed that we left hidden, and doesn't care. I promise myself that one day I will ask her to smoke with me.