Thursday, January 27

so i do want someone to be my boyfriend...

Last night I finally got out to see The Motorcycle Diaries. I don't see movies that often, mainly because they are very predictable, unnessesarily long, and badly done. But Motorcyle Diaries is the complete opposite: it was beyond fantastic. It was intimate, motivating.. and best of all stars the tantalizing Gael Garcia Bernal. Movies are much more fun to watch when you just imagine touching the lead actor throughout the entire film.

I am now so in love with Gael that I want to take out all the photos of him that are in my back issues of BlackBook and STRUT and put them on all over my walls. This says a lot about my love for him, because I hate to cut up nice magazines.

And then last night, post-film, the roommates and I were inspired to actually create a cohesive list of our celeb crushes-slash-future-boyfriends. The rules? No one can like the same person, and it has to be a pretty intense crush because all the selections were formally typed up. Kinda like on FRIENDS when Ross gets his celeb-allowed-sex-list laminated to make it more offical.

I quickly proclaimed Gael was number one on my list, but then I was only able to choose two others: Jim Morrison (cos I have the same chances of hooking up with a current celeb as I do a dead musician..?) and Vincent D'Onofrio.

So forget all the readings I am behind in for school, I need to devote some time to researching more celebs for my list. Oh, and I also need to see Bad Education, so I have to find out where it's playing...