Wednesday, January 19

yes i am that person at the gym

I went to the gym tonight with some of my roommates. It was the quintessential first-work-out-post-resolutions-pre-spring-break trip to the gym, and the whole place was packed with other students.

When I say students I mean that it was full of guys. To be fair, we were in the weight room for most of the work-out. And then three crunches into my first excercise I am forced to stop because Homecoming King is across the room from me.

He is working out with his other 18-year-old friends, all looking very innocently hot and frosh-like. I wanted to be casual, go over and say hi, but the gym is not the place to flirt with crushes. It's too personal and intimate a space, not to mention that everyone is sweaty and intensly focused on getting buff.

Instead I watched him as I stretched out my back and he lifted weights. Soon I lost interest in working out, and became more preoccupied with sneaking glances at Homecoming King. And I also gossiped with the girls and imitated how the other people working out looked. How productive! I should stay out of the weight room; I am more of a cardio machine or aerobic class type of girl anyway.