Sunday, February 13

The bar I was at tonight had this picture in the bathroom. Kittens. In suits. Smoking ciggarettes. In a bathroom. Seriously, what is this all about? The kittens don't even look alive, I think they are dead and stuffed and someone put them into poses.

A few summers ago I was in Alberta and I went to this crazy gopher museum in Torrington. (The only thing in Torrington is the gopher museum, actually.) But the museum was just this room of aquarium sized display cases with dead, stuffed gophers. Wearing costumes and put into poses. Like one display scene was a church, with a gopher preacher behind an altar, an angle-gopher with wings hanging from the stained-glass window, and then a choir boy gopher praying. It was very bizarre, but remains as one of my most favourite things about Alberta.