Sunday, February 6

Formals are always the same.

You get so excited for the night and then you get there and it's just all the same people you would see at the bar. But everyone is more dressed up and spent $40 to get into the nicely-decorated event hall. And everyone is either not drunk enough or too drunk off the $7-each drinks.

I always spend more time in the bathroom than on the dance floor. More time in the foyer saying "hi!" to people than socializing inside at the tables. More time waiting for things to happen than things actually happening.

Formal hangovers are also always the same. They make studying for my two midterms on Tuesday near-impossible because all I want to do is smoke joints and watch TV. Yes, I did go to the library this afternoon, but my focus was elsewhere. Unless someone gives me some ritalin (or finds a way to get adderall in Canada!) studying is going to be very hard to do right now.