Friday, February 11

i am... canadian?

I went to this party last night that Molson Canadian sponsored. It was a "model search" for new Canadian clothing company AllMaple.

I describe the event with hesitation because it was little more than a publicity stunt and a good way to get free models for AllMaple clothing. Fourteen people, guys and girls, strutted their stuff on stage to win the title of AllMaple Guy and Girl, their prize was the award of becoming free-labour models in a photoshoot for the clothing.

I went not only because Molson was giving out free beer the entire night, but also because one of my friends was competing. She had signed up for the whole thing when we were all drunk at the bar one night and did not take the event seriously at all. This was very justified, because the night went from fashion show to Canadian stereotype festival in a matter of minutes.

I originally liked AllMaple because their clothing is very Canadian oriented and there is a good concept behind it all: it's produced and designed in Canada, using domestic resources and people. (Also, they sell a Pierre Trudeau tee-shirt, which I desperatly need to get.) So here exists this great platform to promote Canadian culture and such, and the whole model search could have been done really well.

Unfortunatly, the show was sloppy and foolish, mainly due to the "question and answer" section of the model search. While it would be easy to blame the models for the absurdity, the set up of the show was foolish to begin with.

Generally, asking "What's something that means Canada to you?" or "Who is your favourite Canadian?" to any Canadian will get you one of two repsonses: a well thought-out reply or a stereotypical stupid joke. With the contestants being mostly all drunk by the time the modeling started, most of them only shouted out praise for Molson Canadian when they were interviewed. But then the rest of what was said sounded like grade twelve english class (aka "Canadian Media class") all over again, with endless generalizations and stereotypes of Canadian life taking center stage. Literally. How could AllMaple have thought they would have been able to produce any other type of reply?

At least there was much free beer available to numb the whole experience.