Monday, February 7

So sometimes I really over-procrastinate on things, usually things like laundry and essays. (I know we have all been there.) But there is always a little voice I can count on, to be there reminding me to get ontop of whatever needs to be done.

This voice always pops up on mornings when I am getting dressed and I notice clean essentials like underwear and socks are begining to run low. And chances are I will do a load of laundry as means for procrastinating doing something else, like an essay. However this week I ran out of the only detergent I use, GAIN, and so my laundry was delayed again and again until Saturday.

Saturday when my house of many girls was getting ready for a Charity Ball formal and the house was having many showers and so my laundry was turned off mid-load, still wet, and forgotton.

Until later when I was getting started with my mini-champagne bottle pre-drink. I realized that despite wanting to go commando at the formal, tradition had it that I should at least arrive at the event fully-dressed. But with the laundry wet, I had no choice other than to use the microwave as a hasty dryer. Something which was fun to try, but did nothing other than make my underwear way too hot to touch.

(For future reference, use a hair dryer.)