Thursday, February 3

today totally rocks

Don't you love those days when you are feeling extremely fabulous and then you run into one of those people you hate? This afternoon I ran into someone I usually prefer not to see: a guy who messed around with me too much and possibly broke my heart something.

But today I have been having a "skinny day" and so when I saw him it was one of those "Look at me, I am so much better than you!" moments. I love those moments, when you can walk right past, flip your hair, and that song playing on your iPod becomes just that much better.

I have started my own version of extreme Paige make-over. January was too cliche a month to start being all "this is my resolution!" so February is perfect: this month is full of events which I need to look fabulous for, and the gym is much less busy than before.

Oh, I know that before I declaired that I couldn't go to the gym at school. So I got all proactive (har) and solved that by paying for access to the premuim, more girly gym at school. And now I have somehow become a full-time fitness person. Terra laughs at this, and I don't blame her. My biggest excercise accomplishment used to be the act of looking up gym hours on the internet.

I do have an ulterior motive, of course. My main reasoning for all this is because in exactly two weeks I will be getting on a plane and going to a resort in Venezuela. Once there, I will do nothing for a week but sit on a beach and drink all-inclusive drinks while reading books.
(oh, and book suggestions are more than appreciated.)

Then again, the other bonus to all this is that skinny days happen more frequently. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.