Wednesday, February 9

Tuesdays have always been really crap days for me. In first year I had the majority of my classes on Tuesdays and I slept through the entire day most weeks. I always feel tired and grumpy on Tuesdays, more so than on Mondays even. Most of my hangovers used to happen on Tuesdays, that is before this term when Tuesday became the day I have 9am class.

But the thing that always makes Tuesday a better day is the I.D. Section of the Toronto Star. There is something very satisfying about reading this weekly section, because it is aimed at 20-something-students-slash-graduates. Generally the articles are pretty poignant, with most of the writers being 20-somethings themselves. And if I don't like something that has been published, I find it strangely satisfying to read the content anyways, to analyze what is being considered newsworthy for my demographic.

What I always look forward to are the pieces done by José Lourenço. His articles are certainly the best content of the section, but they are quite infrequent. Today had been a pretty brutal Tuesday, I had stayed up all night studying for the two back-to-back midterms I wrote today.

So when I stumbled home from campus at the end of the day I was really hoping for a new piece by José to comfort me. There was nothing. I re-read his article from last week again, but it only made me want to have something new to read even more. The instant gratification of blogging has certainly destroyed any patience I once had for waiting on new content.