Wednesday, March 9

Aside from the other six-hundred-million things I have to do this week, job-hunting has been added to the list. I have somehow just realized there is only a month and a half of school left, and with summer comes unemployment unless I do something about it now.

The parents have stipulated that this summer will not be a repeat of last summer: I interned at CBC Radio for two fabulous months but was then forced to to spend the last two months doing retail and part-time promotions work. I made just about no money. At one point I almost convinced myself to work at one of those pyramid-scheme "sell spa packages on street corners!" places. Ew.

What I need is to find the perfect place to work. I hate all those online job sites, because they post more telemarketing jobs than anything else. There have to be some better resources available for me to find ideal places to apply.

There is no way I can spend another summer jobless. Because not only can I already hear my parents nagging and complaining, but the backyard deck at their house is looking rather weathered. The last time I was unemployed they actually forced me to strip, sand, and re-varnish this deck. I promised myself that would never happen again.

So seriously... if you know of where to find full-time May-August jobs, pass them on. I have done extensive promotions work before, I am currently working as an event-planner, I can speak eloquently on phones, I love doing research and fact-checking. I live in Toronto but I can move.

If you want my CV just ask.