Wednesday, March 30

don't hate me because i love zombies

It started with Zombie Reagan in the summer. When I found the site I thought nothing could top the gurble-arrrggg noises of the undead president, and I laughed and laughed for days.

Zombie-esque jokes and noises are the type of things which creep into your thoughts when you are doing something serious, making you laugh uncontrolably at inappriopriate times.

Then came Low Culture's fabulous Arrrrgh! Monster Hungry! post. I made sure everyone I knew saw it, and I always laugh now when I see doves flying.

Of course, everything on Low Culture gets a laugh out of me, but it was this post which made me realize the full extent of my attraction to typed out sounds.

And so today, because she knows I am into mean-funny things, the best of the gurble-noise-sites was sent to me by Terra. I think I have visited it at least fifteen times today, while also demanding anyone on campus with a laptop check it out so I could laugh some more. Thinking about it in passing is enough to make me burst out in giggles.

You need to see it, so you can do so as well: