Sunday, March 27

don't ride with strangers. or.. do.

I have been trying out this new thing. I don't want to regret NOT doing things anymore. Because I always feel more angry when I haven't done something, rather than being upset that I did do something. I'm sure everyone gets this way, but I am really trying to be proactive about it.

Which is what motivated me to approach the cute mod-boy tonight at Dance Cave (yeah I'm home in Toronto this weekend) and be up-front with him and tell him that I had been watching him all night cos he was cute. And also, my new resolution made me ask him how I could see him again. How very un-Paige!

But alas! I failed on my way home from the bar. I always walk a bit before I take a cab home. I don't know if this is out of poverty or habbit... but I was going to get to Bloor and Avenue Road. And this guy from Dance Cave walks past me and he looks at me and says "ahh you're very beautiful!" and I say "thank you" and smile and he keeps walking ahead.

A few blocks later (I am way behind because my stilettos make me walk slow) but he is getting into a car and he sees me walk by and asks: "Want a ride?" and I automatically laugh and say no, "no it's okay, thanks though!" And as I walk past I see it is a new silver Mercedes he is driving and he says "Oh, I'm sorry, that must have been so creepy!"

And as he drives away, past me, my feet are hurting and it's cold out and then comes the REGRET. Could there really have been any harm in getting a drive to Yonge, along Bloor, from Spadina? (for those not native to Toronto, that's like a 5 minute drive but quite a long walk) Okay, okay. I can already hear the protest and people telling me I am insane for even considering a ride from a stranger.

But still... it seemed like a good idea at the time after I said no.