Wednesday, March 30

i swear my clothing just falls off sometimes

The only time I was available to sleep today was at four in the afternoon, for 45 minutes. (end of year essays..argh.) It was very spring out, so I had my window open and CBC radio was playing loudly because sometimes distractions are the best way to fall asleep. I also left the light on and my bedroom door open so I wouldn't feel comfortable enough to sleep for longer than the allotted amount of time. Then I stripped down to my undies and tank top, put on a sleeping mask I sometimes wear, and I passed out.

So thirty minutes into my nap Alex got home from campus. She came bounding up the stairs, saw my light on, heard the radio, and came wandering into my room.

"Paige! What are you-- OH!"

Me and my underwear-only self roll over, and I groggily pull off the now-dorky sleeping mask. But Alex was already leaving, because in the whole mess of it all I had also let one breast fall out of my top, flashing nipple to my already-startled roommate.

And this is only one of the many reasons why I need more sleep.