Monday, March 7

it's not just a drink anymore!

I have been executing an informal survey since I got home from Venezuela, and guess what? Having sex on a beach is possibly the best sex you can have.

I feel like I am now part of some secret club: I tell a friend that I had a boyfriend while on Vacation and the reaction is typical. But once I mention making it on the beach, excited conversations about the joys of beach loving abound!

Sure the sand gets everywhere, and you might have to worry about German tourists stumbling upon your tryst. But the thrill of being discovered makes it that much hotter. And sand.. the sand just forms around your body better than any Tempur-Pedic mattress.

There's that roar of the ocean and breezy, salty wind that seems so much stronger at night time. I feel free of my usual inhibitions on the beach and the jaded love-hating Paige turns into a passionate, lusty romantic.

Ricky (my resort-boyfriend) and I would sneak down to the beach after the disco closed. And then after, when we go skinny dipping in the kiddie pool to wash all the sand off. I learned some Spanish, mosty from making Ricky to detail the events of the night to me. And there was always his accent: the whispered compliments about how beautiful he found me and the dirty suggestions of what we could do together.

But of course the best part of this whole thing is that now when I order "sex on the beach" drinks, I can do it with a know-it-all smirk.