Thursday, March 24

The Seven Days of Lazy

I had my first "break" day in months. No assignments or work or other things to do for a while. I got in a huge hedonistic mood and my friend came over so we could smoke hash at 2 in the afternoon. Then later the roommates and I smoked and watched this fantastic stoner show on CBC called The X. I suggest everyone watches it at some point, it's like Street Cents meets SNL, probably meant for middle school kids. But now The X is our new favourite show. There is a talking iguana, need I say more?

I veetoed St.Patrick's day because I was feeling sick and exhausted from the work/lack of sleep which had been occuring over the last few weeks. Instead I took a tylenol 3 and smoked a joint and had naps all evening on my couch. Then I drank beer with Eano for a bit and partied with my roommates.

There was a Post-Patrick party going on, and it was fabulous. I made up for the lack of Patty's day drinking and stayed perfectly-party drunk the whole evening. As well, very hot boy(s) were in attendance and I was delighted by this.

I slept-in until 5pm and then vegged out the rest of the night: we (plus many others) had sessions and made ice cream and cookie sandwiches.

Also included a large amount of doing nothing.

I was in an off-mood by mid-afternoon and so I bought hair dye and a 1.5L bottle of cab sauv and was drunk by quarter to five. Then I dyed my hair and cut some bangs in. I haven't been this happy with my hair in a long time! There is something about this time of year that always demands I cut myself bangs; I think I have become quite good at it.

Then there was a friend's birthday party at the bar that night to go too. I was more than half way through the wine, and there were a lot of people to gossip and flirt with at the bar.

The spring weather made everyone lazy in my house, so we had some friends over and smoked a very nice joint. Then Alex cut our friend Bacon's hair (now he looks less like a lion-boy). Because we are currently trying to rent one of the rooms in our house we also had to give a lot of tours to potential renters while stoned. Trust me, while it might make a sketchy first impression, it is a rather accurate introduction to living in my house.

I also ate Taco Bell and Dairy Queen on Tuesday.

Okay, I was actually not-so-lazy today. I even went to the library and did a bit of other work. But I also bought season one of The OC (it will help me avoid writing my final papers!) and Alex and I smoked and watched America's Next Top Model. I like to imagine tomorrow I will become serious and get down to work, but realistically I will not. (I already have plans for a predrink party) At least I can be productive during the day in class and various meetings.