Tuesday, March 15

the unhappy bride

Procrastination and I got married this weekend.

It was great. We smoked a lot of pot, made waffle and ice cream sandwhiches, went driving around London at random hours, posted on blogs, caught up on gossip, created some drama of our own, and we even had a few makeout sessions.

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding and honeymoon.

But unfortunately we got married Vegas Wedding styles. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but looking back, I must have been drunk when we said our "I do's".

Because now I'm upset with my marriage. It's 6:50-something AM and Procrastination has stolen all my time. I am left with only a few hours and at least three more pages to go on an essay.

I'm not even tired yet, but I know it's too late for an annulment.

While the passion may no longer exist in my marriage I am, however, quite devoted to what I am writing on: the status of the print media industry in Canada, why we need a state-funded newspaper, and the arguments surrounding both.

And the thing with Procrastination is, once you marry him, you just keep putting off the divorce. We might be fighting right now, but god does he ever know how to make up for it once this is over.