Wednesday, April 6

because the best little secrets are kept

I need to make it with Louis XIV.

Yes, the dirty and somewhat misogynistic rockers have become my new obsession, with their songs all constantly on repeat as I try in vain to memorize the lyrics. I am going to the concert on April 20th (NB: four-twenty, how perfect) and I am going to be the biggest and best groupie ever.

Okay but aside from that, there is pretty much another reason why I like Louis XIV so much. It has to do with a boy: how predictable, eh?

I, like most people, am able to turn any song I adore into a song about me and my love interests. Like in first year, I went through a sappy John Mayer and Ben Harper phase while the big boyfriend-of-three-and-a-half-years break-up was happening. Those songs are forever about that time for me, and so they stay mostly hidden on my playlist.

But back to Louis XIV. So Jason Hill sings about smutty things and sexing up girls and making them scream and making them make him scream. I love it. I want to be the song, the girls in the songs, all the songs, all of it. And then I think of the boy, my new secret lust, and I have to keep myself from acting out the lyrics when I run into him on campus. There's something about this that matches up so well, and I find it beyond tantalizing.

At least I can get some pleasure out of all this repeat listening. HA.