Monday, April 25

finding out true love is blind.

Consider this my first attempt at being a music journalist (ha!).

While at the concert last Wednesday Jason Hill, singer from Louis XIV, walks past drunk/stoned moi as Hot Hot Heat is playing. I stare at him for a bit and then launch into my usual "I love you your concert was awsome oh my god" groupie babble.

JH: "Thank you. MMm your lip gloss is very shiny." (he stares seductivly at my lips for a moment after this)
"Do you want to get a drink?"

Paige: "Yes, for sure."

He buys drinks and many other people flock to him and want autographs while I sip my vodka cranberry.

Paige: "So who is the girl on the album cover?"

JH: "Ahh that is a girl named Monique from Louisiana. You actually look like her from the front.."

Paige: "ooh really? Mm. And you drew on all the song names yourself?"


"No one else could touch her, eh? You wouldn't let that happen!"

"Absolutely." (He gazes up and down my entire body...) "You know, you are just so cute. You look so soft, everything you're wearing is so soft and I just want to touch it."

"Ha ha, thank you." And so I blush and giggle a bit. "Are you guys partying tonight after the show?"

"No, we have to get on the road and go to... Toronto or Montreal or something. MMmm I just want to steal you away for a minute..."

I look at my friends, who are looking-but-pretending-not-to-stare at me and Jason. I think of the boy I am crushing on (more on him later). But then I think of how it's easier to regret things you haven't done than the things you have...

Paige: "You know, the lyrics.. to all your songs. Those are just about the sexiest, hottest lyrics ever. I love them, I sing them all the time."

JH: "Mmm. Thank you. ...come on, just five minutes I need to pull you away..."

Bouncer 1: "Hi, um you can't take that drink out of the 19+ area!"
Bouncer 2 taps him on the shoulder: "Um.. he's in the band."
Bouncer 1: "oh! Sorry..." Both bouncers look at me as we walk backstage and smirk. I smirk back.

JH: "Brian, this is Paige. Look at her. She is so adorable and so soft. Don't you think everything she is wearing is so cuddily? I just want to touch her!"

(Brian is the other vocalist and he also does piano and guitar stuff in the band. He says hi to me and I gush some more about how great Louis XIV is and how I loved the show.)

Brian: "I am going to get a drink.. would you guys like a drink?"

Suddenly it is empty backstage. Annd.. to quote the lyrics from Paper Doll: "pull your skirt up a little bit, pull your top down and show me a little tit."

JH: "You are so fucking adorable... I just want you to know that. MMm man, one day I am going to find you and have you because you are so adorable and soft."