Sunday, April 10

i live in a glass house, i throw rocks too. snap!

"Some people do arts and crafts, we judge!"

Yes, I have lived by that idea for many, many years now. There are certain people who bring out the critical side of me and some people who enjoy my sass more than others. I really could spend all day doing nothing but commenting (somewhat under my breath, but I have been known to blurt things out loud) about the people I see.

So this afternoon, while my roommate and I were outside tanning, I wanted to know if I could get away with wearing my bikini. You see, my house doesn't have a backyard, so tanning means basically sitting next to the sidewalk on a very busy street. Her decision was: "you will be fine until some girls who are like us come by."

Which is actually a good point.

Because there were a few girls in bikinis who rollerbladed past us yesterday when we were lawn-tanning and we laughed at them and their skimpyness. And then there was the girl I saw on campus today wearing booty shorts and a tube-top. She also got extensivly made fun of. Same with all the girls in ugg boots- but they really deserved it because who wears ugg boots when it's 18 degrees out? Gosh girls are so mean to each other.

Regardless, I decided I could handle my own medicine and put my bikini on and continued tanning until the sun started to set. Anyone who walked past our house had more tact (or knew how to whisper better) than I do because it was only the fast cars filled with rowdy males who made any fuss over my bikini status.

But then I decided to drop off some much-overdue books at the library. I begrudgingly put on a skirt and tank top (it was getting shady at this point) and flip-floped through campus. Okay, the thing about the library is that it is inappropriate fashion capital. A lot of library-people dress like they are going to the bar, many wear cute little outfits, few wear sweatpants. Making fun of attire at the libary isn't even a challenge, it just happens naturally.

So in I stroll, looking like I was coming from the beach, but clearly not staying to study. However, the posse of girls behind me, all dolled in Juicy, Tiffany, and Lulu Lemon, take full advantage of the five seconds I am at the book drop. "OOoooh! Are we going for drinks now?!" they holler. "Ahhhhh wait, this is the library isn't it? My mistake!"

Whatevs. If that is your best sass ladies, I can fully take it. And really, I just think they were bitter because I am not the one spending the evening in the library. Let the judging continue...