Tuesday, April 12

seriously i can't even keep my room clean...

So Britney Spears is pregnant. I am totally making the first claim on adopting BitBit. Because that chihuahua is not only the tinyist, whitest, biggest-eyed dog ever, but it's also spring and everyone is outside walking their various dogs and it makes me want my own.

I do have a dog back in Toronto. My darling Spike who is oh-so-old but still kicking it around my parent's house. And in all honesty, I don't think I would be able to get another dog with Spike still around. He gets jealous if I so much as look at other dogs when we are out walking.

But then I find more glam paparazzi shots of Britney and BitBit, or Paris and her new dog Bambi, and I have this strong urge for a petit dog to carry around. A dog that I can maybe even take to class or the grocery store in a purse which I will buy specifically for fashionable dog-carrying purposes.

I would also buy one of those awful dog hoody-sweaters, because I think when you have a tiny dog you need to go full out on the tack.