Wednesday, April 27

Today I have made what might be the first of many-to-come "Summer Predictions". As in, things I think that the warm weather, lack of responsibilities, and constant drunkness will cause to happen between May and August.

Everyone will have a blog by the end of summer.

This is one I am happy, but not really happy about. Yes, blogging is great and it's made my job as a voyeur that much easier. On the flip side, though: friends with blogs will want to read your blog. So when all my friends get blogs it will really confirm that this site is not-so-much a secret.

Of course I long ago passed the point of keeping this blog hidden, as just about everyone I know has mentioned reading it at one time or another. However, knowing this has made me self concious, and slowly my content changes. Gone are the early days of Paige Six: posting smutty pictures and illicit sexy details seems so bait suddenly. For instance, I have the most rowdy and fabulous crush right now, and a month's worth of rendezvous which I want to detail and gossip about. (I get giddy just thinking about him, ah!) But alas, I feel I must keep things this abstract for the time being.

And anyways, I really feel that trying to decipher hidden meanings/identities is the best part of reading the blogs of people you know.