Monday, May 2

here is some Arcade Fire trivia for yous all

I don't even think I can give justice to just how incredible The Arcade Fire was last week. Aside from the fat-head, annoying girl, and very-tall-man situated in front of me throughout the entire show, I had one of the most fabulous times ever. To the point where I keep looking at Chromewaves pictures in a silly little nostalgic sort of way.

But anyways, what I really want to know is what the deal was with the Latvian flag on stage. If you were there on Thursday, and have a less stoned memory than mine, you can perhaps confrim that there was something Latvian-flag-like being wrapped around Richard Perry's head during one of the last songs (pre-encores).

Since then my sister and I have been debating the spotting. Is someone in the band Latvian? Was it just the first piece of fabric found lying around backstage? What does it really mean!?

I am sure someone out there can clear this one up for me. Right?