Wednesday, May 11

I had this awful dream last night which caused me to freak out for half of my sleepingness. It was a hair cutting dream, which only happens when I am trying to avoid cutting my hair.

(Yes, avoid. I have this problem, where I will suddenly feel a certain enuii with my current look and just I pull out scissors and snip. I don't know why but generally this happens in February. A search through old photos always reveal February-Paige with bangs or a pixie cut.)

Right now I'm trying to grow out my hair. Mostly because it hasn't really been long long since I was in grade nine. It's almost at the point where I can be standing naked and it covers my nipples. That's all I want: length for sexy photo ops and other such things.

So of course, horror of horrors, in my dream I chopped off all my hair into this incredibly ugly short mess and dyed it a shitty caramel colour. When I have hair dreams like this it always happens when I am very content with things. It's like my subconcious wants to shake my core a little, just to keep me on guard.

Screw off, subconcious.