Sunday, May 1

life with parents, part one of plenty.

When you live at home with parents, it really seems like everything slows down. My parents are halarious, both in an elderly and cool way. I told them this week that living in their house was like being in Selkirk, Manitoba. I have also quoted "everyday is like a trip to idiot island" a gazillion times since I moved home a week ago. But really I do love them, it's just a huge culture shock to be living where 10pm is considered late.

However, I have to give parents credit for being easy to trick. Today was one of my more successful ventures into this: I was out last night with the boy, and decided to go to his place after the party rather than home. However, I had done that on Friday night too, and my mom had specifically told me to come home on Saturday night and not stay out late.

So I call my sister and ask her to shut my bedroom door. Just like a steaming cup of coffee can suggest an employee is hard at work (ha) a closed bedroom door says that Paige is peacefully sleeping and not out getting rowdy with her crush. At his house we pull the same stunt, because all parents seem to require this veil of secrecy.

I figured that the trick would only work until I got home in the morning: it would keep the parents from calling my cell phone at 8am asking "where are you!?" but once I walked in the front door at noon my jig would be up. However, I got lucky. When I walked in the house no one was to be seen, so I dashed up the stairs, threw on my PJs and climbed into bed.

And then fifteen minutes later my mom came to wake me up. "Oh, I was out pretty late last night.." I told her, and I only felt slightly guilty. (Thinking about the sexy fun that was last night erased any other doubts I had.) I am now only concerned with how much longer I can play this game...