Friday, May 20

like a modern version of the class pin? ha ha

Yesterday "Sal Paradise" and I went to get our nipples put on buttons, and see the gallery of collected Tit Pins by artist Paige Gratland. We drank all the way there, I think half because it made me feel more bold and half because drinking on the sly is so necessary in public.

So I get into the little fabric booth and just strip down. It was so comfortable and completly erotic. The whole thing about being naked so for me isn't so much being naked as it is the feeling of knowing someone is watching. The gaze of a camera multiplies this. Having the boy watch me as he and the artist are taking pictures.. ah ha!

And we sipped on the gallery's sangria and looked at the other artworks as the pictures were turned into buttons. A very cute collection of people were also lined up to get it done, and everyone was so eager to see how the other's pictures turned out. And now I have this nice little button of the boy and it's so good for those throughout the day giddy little moments of mine.