Wednesday, May 25

So I and my friends have been playing this little game recently. It's called "are you just making that up to seem cool?" and it goes like this:

Boy approaches girl, there is some at-the-bar-style flirting and then guy asks for a phone number or something of the ilk. Girl, not interested in the random boy then says "oh, sorry I have a boyfriend," as an excuse. It can be true, or because of a crush, or just as a good way to detract the boy. Here's the thing, though: nine out of ten times the guy will say "oh that's okay, cos I have a girlfriend too."

Seriously, seriously!?

Okay I know we all sometimes just hold back on our significant lovers status when chatting another up, to use it as a trump card when things get uncomfortable. It certainly does fit in well with other passive dating strategies.

I thought this petty tit-for-tat behaviour only happened in Septembers of middle school, with fake pictures of European girlfriends and made up tales of sleepover camp romances. But now even the rock stars are doing it, saying that a girlfriend exists when groupies announce they won't put out because they are interested in someone else.

Really boys! Just because you are jilted doesn't mean you have to lie. Why did you ask her out in the first place if you're playing that card? Take the blow to your ego and bow out gracefully. Or even call the girl a ho and walk away. Just don't make things up.