Wednesday, May 4

So I was at Much last night to see the whole red carpet House of Wax deal they had going on. Every time I go to one of these things at MM I always wonder why I am there, because despite the fun of standing three feet away from Chad Michael Murray, there are always oodles and oodles of slutty preteen girls who scream and act beyond annoying.

Actually, what is even better than the little hookers is the closeted fifteen-year-old boys: they push me out of the way to get photos and almost cry when hot celeb boys touch them. It amuses me to no end.

The real let down of the whole thing was seeing Paris Hilton. I have always been a supporter of Paris despite all the hate and all the sass she gets on a daily basis. I wanted to see her live so I could say, hey bitches! she's actually a cool girl. I was sadly mistaken and let down: poor Paris really does have no personality, says the same "hot" soundbites over and over, and simply has nothing interesting to add to a conversation at all. She is, however, fabulous at entertaining screaming onlookers, as she worked the crowd (and fuck was there ever a crowd) better than anyone else there.

Another thing: Elisha Cuthbert is so cute in real life. Tiny, and demure, and wearing the most fantastic shoes, she kept to herself and really wasn't interested in the screaming crowd. I don't blame her.

And you can read more about it all on Torontoist.