Sunday, May 29

This morning there was this wasp buzzing around my room and so my sister got her butterfly net and in true 1920s safari style she ushered it out the window. (I have this no-bug-killing policy, you see.) And we were hungover so we went for breakfast and then to the mall (how suburban) and just did things all afternoon.

So this evening I am sitting at my desk and I can hear this munch munch munch noise coming from my window. After about fifteen minutes of it I start to get concerned and that is when I notice the penny-sized hole in my curtains. A hole with little wings and antlers sometimes poking out. A hole which is making the munch munch noises. A hole which I look inside of, and find contains a wasp building a small hive.

In stereotypical girl style I ran downstairs in a panic. If it had just been a bug, fine. But a bug building a nest to breed and house other bugs in? Totally not acceptable! I pulled my father away from his online poker game (after he laughed at me) and again out came the butterfly net.