Friday, June 3

just like edward albee

So we went to the zoo yesterday.

Okay first we were in bed for most of the morning; I can’t help it because being in bed with him is addictive. Waking up and rolling around in the little bits of sunshine that creep in through the blinds, sometimes falling back asleep but mostly being curled around his body until someone gets just rowdy enough to push the other over the edge. Sometimes I catch myself staring at him for too long, or I have the urge to shout out goddamnyouaresoperfectlyhotandgorgousiloveit but I resist. If he is lying on my tummy, tickling me and looking up into my eyes with his devilish smile- this is when I am most liable to scream something out and yet so speechless at the same time.

So anyways, this is where we are, lying in bed until the zoo becomes too powerful an idea to hold out on any longer. I shower and he rolls some trees for the road and off we go.

I don’t think people see live animals enough. Even I, an avid zoo-goer and animal lover, I am amazed by the creatures at the zoo. They look too mythological to be real, like creatures out of sci-fi movies or medieval legends. Emus are really blue, with crazy horned legs and red eyes. Wallabies look like an acid-trip version of guinea pigs. Rhinos are so large that they just command the presence of a gnome and saddle on their backs.

The zoo is actually quite deserted during the week. Maybe this adds to the whole fantastical feel of it all, or maybe that was thanks to the smoke break we took in the forest.