Wednesday, June 1

Once upon a time I used to be all over Friendster but only because I met my friend Gregory there. Last summer we were both in Toronto and had one of those cute "we met on the internet but now will meet in real life" dates, where lots of beer was drank, weed was smoked, and a little walking tour of the entire downtown was done. But then Greg moved to Montreal and LA so he could continue being a very fab designer, and I went back to London so I could continue being a media student. And so it goes...

The thing about designers is that they always are producing amazing things and also lots of things I want. Over this winter Greg managed to feed my t-shirt addiction well, and now he's gone and launched an amazing little design community and online t-shirt shop called WERKBURO. If you are all over t-shirts and other aesthetically pleasing things, you need to check it out.

Goodbye paycheques, hello being the #1 Persian Pussy.