Saturday, June 11

please don't complain about the weather

Don't stop this heat.

It's been about 27-30 degrees here for the past ten or so days and I am absolutely revelling in it. Summer, when it is sticky and sweaty and even smog-hot, is fantastic.

I love being able to live in a bikini all day long. And being able to sleep in my panties and a tank top, as the humid air constantly slinks through my window and suffocates me in the night- I just turn on the fan my parents bought in the 70s for their first apartment and everything is cool and enjoyable again.

I hate being woken up to "Paige! Close your window, we're putting the A/C back on!" I also hate being told to come in out of the sun. Tanning has become my job over the past week, as I am somehow not working anywhere else right now.

The Gone With the Wind lover in me influences this lazy summer attitude. But instead of one showing off the luxury of not working through pale skin and smooth hands, it is now necessary to have a fabulous, glowing tan.