Wednesday, June 29

a Public Service Announcement from Paige

If you didn't already notice, I am one of those hoity-toity elitist girls. It comes across in my definition of Toronto, (GTA? ew, please remove the mega-city now) my preference for various cultural things, (just listen to CBC radio) my hatred for cheapy-stores and the big box, ("shopping" and "going to the mall" are two very different things) and basically every time I speak someone in the room will cringe because I say something "mean".

Anyways, all this aside, I can usually put my judgements away and be civil. I realize not everyone is privy to the same, uh, refinements that I am. I accept differences. However, there is one thing which will always make me shudder.

People who can not eat bread properly.

Picture this: you are at a dinner party. A restaurant. A meal where fresh bread is served. You take a roll, cut it open, smear your butter inside, and munch on it like a sandwich. Or you take a slice and slather it with butter, again eating it bite by bite. I am now cringing and shaking my head at you, but not saying anything because sometimes I judge silently like that.

The only way, ONLY way, one can consume bread before a meal is as follows:

Take a serving of butter and put it on your bread plate.
Use your hand to break off a bite-size piece of bread.
Butter the piece with your (not the communal) butter knife, and eat it in one bite.

See, it's not that hard. And once you learn how to do it, it becomes really fun to judge other's eating habits. (Not only am I teaching you how to eat right, I am also turning you into a mini-elitist. Yay!)