Tuesday, June 14

Right after I was terrorized by a wasp and her nest a screen was put on my window. I haven't had a screen on in years; every spring my sister and I make the point of refusing their inclusion in our rooms. They make me feel so caged in. And afterall, it's hard to smoke bedroom joints through a screen window. But also I just like having the open air, and being able to stick my head out to look at raccoons when I hear them fight. And other such things like that.

When I got home from London tonight I was feeling rather fabulous and frisky, thanks to the sexy little vacation it was. The trip was complete with all the necessary luxuries and parties, plus a very enjoyable amount of rolling around in bed. And other cute things like that.

Okay so the point is, I felt inspired and I took the screen off my window tonight. Which resulted in getting to view a fairly loud raccoon fight when I was letting the humid air in. Now I just have to hope the wasp won't come back. (fingers crossed)