Tuesday, June 14

well when can i book my flight?

My sister and I have coincidentally both fallen into full-time, well-paying employment this week. She's all union savvy and working on movie sets, while I have embraced my inner information studies-self and will be doing some data entry and research work over the summer.

To celebrate we are going to be travelling to our favourite destination to the south, New York City, in the end of summer. I announced this to our parents this evening over martinis on the back patio.

To which mom says, oh how nice!

My dad spent all his summers in Manhattan. We also have family there, so I expected a nice little verse about what we should do on our trip. However all my father says is: "This guy at work, a friend of Bob's, he just helped move his daughter out to Michigan. I don't know where, I guess she was going to school there."

Umm, thanks Dad, cool.

.."and then she was murdered last week."

I sometimes really wonder about the internal dialogues which cause such segues as this.