Monday, June 27

what IS gayer than a parade?

So Steve and I set out to celebrate our third Gay Pride yesterday (with last year's being missed due to his archaeological dig in Egypt all summer) and as usual we had quite the adventure.

First though, we found a man with a stroller full of puppies. Little poms and jack-chihuahua mixes. He let them all run loose down the street and in a park and we pet and played with them until the man got mad at us for joking about wanting to steal one. (They were only for sale, $500-900!)

The rest of the day can be summed up in this gay little poem (what's gayer than a parade? a poem about a parade perhaps?) my drunk-ass composed when I got home from the festivities. I think I intended it to be like the Twelve Days of Christmas, but really, when you spend the afternoon in a beer garden, getting free drinks because you are silly-drunk and pretending to be fourteen for the amusement of others- the poems just compose themselves at the end of the night.

On the last day of Pride Week,
My summer love left for Asia,
(and so it was up to my gay boyfriend and I to celebrate!!)

With at least twelve naked old-man-penises,
(I admire them all for showing off)
Many floates-a-parading,
Two Conservative Party members,
One Jack Layton,
And an Olivia Chow!

One solo "transgendered protestor against imperialism" protestor,
And many "Gay Star Trek-slash-Gay Geeks paraders,
How sweet that the whole police department came out,
Plus David Miller and council!

Many (straight) peoples and DJs from Mod Club,
And all the Trojan condom samples,
As well as more lube than a girl could ever need!

One beer tent an-overflowing,
Dozens of gay bars doing the same,
And I started as least one brawl between girlfriends,
.... and somewhere around here I stopped writing, emailed it to too many people, and passed out.