Tuesday, July 26

and it will taste better than moonshine, too!

So if the LCBO goes on strike on Thursday I probably will have a mild freak out. To all those outside of Ontario: liquor sales here are controlled by the government. So anything booze related is sold only in LCBO stores (with beer being the exception, and sold in The Beer Stores which won't strike. But I no longer like drinking beer frequently, so its availability is a moot point for me.)

Anyways, everyone is stocking up on alcohol right now, for fear of stores being shut down if a strike happens. Tomorrow I will go buy a 60 of Stoli and some other treats, but really, buying excessive amounts of booze can only save you for a short while.

The real answer is: build your own secret basement distillery! I've discussed it with friends and we've decided setting up a prohibition-style bar is something we need to get on top of.

And I'm already half-way there. As fortune would have it, my father is a chemical engineer and he designs distilleries for many large alcohol companies across the world. When he was my age he built one in the basement of his fraternity- we still have bottles of his 181-proof alcohol lying around the house.

Now I just have to decide if I, who failed chemistry, should secretly steal his distillery blue-prints or enlist his help in building it. I bet he would welcome my entreprenural spirit; or at least he'd be fond of helping create a way to beat the system.