Monday, July 11

Harry Potter has ethics, why not you?

My friend (who hates blogging and therefore is not allowed to be mentioned by name) and I spent the entire day debating bookselling ethics and capitalism and other such moral-specific issues. It stemmed from our desire to pre-order the new Harry Potter novel.

I announced there was no way I would buy from Chapters-Indigo as their discounted pre-order price comes from their big-box nature and puts smaller retailers at a disadvantage. My friend announced that I was foolish for wanting to pay more money for something that was offered at a cheaper price. Then we engaged in a lot of name calling and snow-balling arguments.

It's not that I think Indigo is an overly-evil company; I actually worked there for a couple years when I was younger. But there is no denying they have put many small bookstores out of business, and I just think, why not consiously make the effort to shop at an indepedent retailer if you can?

And in the end, I ordered my copy from Mables Fables for $35, including tax. Which is the same price when you add tax and shipping to an Indigo pre-order, oh snap.