Wednesday, July 6

I was just hopping up my stairs when I noticed a Trojan condom resting among the other things my mother leaves on the staircase to be taken up. I announced "oooh a condom!" and then saw it was one of the promo condoms from the Pride Parade that my parents picked up when they were watcthing the festivites the other weekend.

"Um, no that's MINE!" my mother announced, seeing my interest in the condom.

As I had stolen the many other free things she aquired from Pride, I decided to be nice and back off from the condom (though I don't see my parents needing to use it...)

Then she laughed at me: "You can't make use of these anyways, right now, can you? Ha!"

THANKS for the reminder, Mom. Like the constant missing of sex and him and all those other delish things wasn't enough of a downer. At least she inspired me to go buy a new vibrator tomorrow.