Monday, July 4

the long weekend celebrations, midgets!

The Canada Day Road Trip Weekend was exactly as it should have been. The five of us in a red car, zipping through Ontario and Quebec, sometimes holding a “Happy Birthday Canada” sign up to the window, and sometimes holding one saying “There’s a bomb in your car,” I wanted us to make black paper beard to wear while holding it, but oh well. On the way home, some guys used a paper sign to ask us to show them our boobs and so instead we drew them a picture, ha.

In Ottawa we spent the entire Canada Day drinking and partying, at pubs and dance bars, and secretly in public places with beers brought along. It was nice to have a drink while watching the fireworks. I think firework technology has massively increased since I last saw fireworks because it was seriously impressive, and also being ridiculously stoned made make the show more explosive, like aliens coming out of the sky!

(Another side note: I apparently giggle and make Paige-squeaking noises when I sleep. Hee hee, it happened because I was having sexy SB dreams, but I suppose when other people are sleeping in the room it can seem strange. At least there is comfort in knowing I’m not a snorer…)

The second part of the weekend was spent at a cottage in Quebec. It involved drinking many bottles of wine, and also making s’mores. During the day we swam to an island, which allowed us to justify eating poutines for breakfast (it’s so good when you’re hungover). And I invented folding clothing into head bands, but when I tried to help Alex make her sweater into one it looked more like a turban. She still wore it for a bit, though.