Thursday, July 21

okay, making friends en route can be good...

Tonight's trek home was much more pleasant than last night's. I ran into some guys along College, who I had seen earlier in the night skating along Spadina. I remembered them because they were boys in tight jeans; total 80s skate meets haute fashion.

So yes, I was stumbling drunk down College and they were in the middle of the road throwing skateboards at each other when I hollered at them. We turned into a debaucherous team of three, with Adam (the one in the tighest jeans) plucking plants out of gardens and Rob (the more chill one) trying to keep his friend under control. They let me skate part of the way, which made my night.

And while I don't usually reccomend drunk skating in delicate Indian slippers, having pros to steer you over curbs and away from street-sleepers makes a big difference.