Monday, July 25

So after three days of wearing flip-flops and waterproof mascara, I am back in the city once again. I was up north, in Muskoka with the fam, tanning and drinking on the dock and going for bikini-clad canoe trips with my sister.

Then I also went visiting, staying at a cottage which was like if The OC took place on Lake Muskoka. Cottage mansions are incredible in that over-the-top ensuite bathrooms and golf carts sort of way. Plus I was with my soon-returning TOist co-writer Adrian. He is certainly living a nice summer.

But so was everyone out at the bar- all the university kids who work in cottage country for the summer. The more drunk I got the more I wanted to work at a resort and have it be like Dirty Dancing. Sometimes I think I need way more student-lazy summers in my future, so I can use them work at cool seasonal places, like a resort or somewhere out of the city. I have never spent a full summer away from Toronto; I've been gone for a month or a few weeks here and there, but that's it.

Okay but I know I love it- when I'm away for school I crave summer in the city, which is certainly quite romanticized but it always winds up delish. And being here means I can go off for visits to many places whenever I want. My parents laugh and love to remind me that this will be my last summer without a serious job; little do they know I plan on avoiding that for as long as possible.