Friday, July 15

So Wednesday night was Paige in full effect. We were at Supermarket, as per usual, and really I didn't drink that much, but the bartenders there will always over pour my vodka-tonics so maybe that's what did me in. I think I cut myself off at some point. (I didn't want to repeat last week, when my sister woke me up off our bathroom floor at 6:30am.)

Last night also coincided with me getting the best present ever, my brand new Paris Hilton "Queen of Fucking Everything" lighter. From the convenience store near Supermarket. I think the owner has his daughter hodge-podge them in the back room, because there is a large assortment of picture and aplique jem-stone lighters for sale.

I showed it to the bouncers on my way back in, and one became fond of stealing it and so we spent the entire night playing tag throughout the bar. I also spent a great deal of time on the patio, not drinking, for the main purpose of being able to light ciggarettes for anyone. As a non-smoker, I apparently failed miserably at lighting ciggarettes.

But does the lighter ever work wonders on the huge mound of hash my sister brought home from work today...