Thursday, July 28

Things I found in my purse this morning after I woke up at 6am, curled up on the couch with my sister, to a Peter Popoff infomercial playing on TV and a half-smoked joint resting between us.

- Business card from my former hairdresser Luke. I started going to him when I was twelve, getting my hair done almost every month. When I was seventeen he moved to a different salon and we lost touch. I am totally ecstatic to have my old hair dresser back. He cuts like no one else: all girls should have a hair dresser they can rely on.

- Flyer for Luke's band's CD release party.

- Sticker of his band logo and website.

- A receipt from Courage My Love with the name and phone number of one of the skater boys I walked home with last week. He found me at the bar and gave it to me saying his friends would never let him forget it if he didn't, and he would totally regret it. Then he ran off. (He doesn't know the reason I liked our walk so much was because it had a random no-strings-attached nature to it)

- Business card from one of the DJs, which I presume was given to me after I requested Donovan's Sunshine Superman and he told me he "could have a crush on me".

- The most incorrect fortune I have ever been given in a cookie."You are never bitter, deceptive, or petty." It was leftover from our 2am Chinese feast. (I also have leftover pork vermicelli, but that's in my fridge.) It was the sloppiest dinner I have ever taken part in.